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Data Recovery

We realise that data is crucial and often irreplaceable. In most cases we have a good success rate in recovering data from PC's, Macs and laptops. After the recovery of your data we will return it to you on either a CD or DVD. If necessary, we can provide hardware to enable you to backup your data yourself.

Some things to consider:

Laptop users run the highest risk of losing valuable data through theft and damage. This is especially relevant for older laptops without CD rewriters, as they are the most difficult to backup.

If your computer stops working or you hear unusual noises, the chances are your hard drive is on the way out, and that "clinking" sound is scratching data from your hard disk. Do not attempt to turn your computer on. It will make it harder to recover any lost data.

Whichever operating system you are running (Mac or Windows), hard drives are the same and an average hard disk will last five years depending on usage.