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We install new networks as well as maintaining and updating existing networks. We also fit and supply all the hardware and software necessary to keep your system running efficiently.

If you are installing a new network or expanding an existing one, we can also arrange for the cabling to be installed by our contractor. To date, our networks range from between 5 and 30 plus workstations using Microsoft SBS 2003/08 Servers, and all versions of Windows.

A network can be very complex and downtime can be detrimental to any business. Therefore, we try to foresee and eliminate any potential hazards. These can be as simple as an employee changing a setting on the server, or not having all the necessary anti-virus updates installed.

We advise all our clients that use a server to ensure that it is locked using a strong password that only two members of staff know. This will allow you to make basic changes without compromising the network. In addition, we recommend that a dedicated member of staff be trained by us before making any changes on the server. For the more complex tasks, one of our engineers can be called out to make any adjustments.